About Us


The Spitfire Controls Division of SigmaTron International provides product development engineering and system integration expertise to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in appliance and industrial applications. We utilize a shared development business model to engineer customer-owned products which may license some of our proprietary software.

Our engineering team located in Elgin, IL and manufacturing is handled through facilities in the U.S., Mexico, China and Vietnam.

Our product development expertise includes:

  • Software-driven controls
  • Analog controls
  • Switching power supplies
  • User interface modules
  • Embedded controls
  • Variable speed drives for small frame motors
  • Industrial design
  • Packaging

For many of our customers, we act as a systems integrator, with internal capabilities to develop electronic control solutions that match performance specifications with other key components of the end product. We typically interface with electrical loads, sensors, motors, actuators and valves to make the machine perform as a system.

We also are an established product innovator, with a vast portfolio of patents in appliance control technologies. We have a track record of designing total solutions that solve specific customer challenges and enhance product value. Our goal is to streamline our customers’ product realization process. Our seasoned engineering team mixes proven design processes and expertise with creativity in developing required solutions. Our experience in designing electronic controls leads us to manufacturable, high quality solutions that lower costs while adding functionality.

Spitfire Controls provides a number of advantages not found in standalone product development firms including:

  • Reduced time to product realization
  • Design for manufacturability/testability expertise
  • Significant expertise in the area of appliance control design and manufacturing
  • Lowest total cost through a combination of design focus on minimal component count, competitively priced supply chain and efficient manufacturing operations
  • Access to a global network of manufacturing facilities providing customized, high quality manufacturing solutions

Note to Consumers

Spitfire Controls’ does not provide service replacement parts to individual consumers. For more information regarding replacement or service of an application our controls are used in, contact the manufacturer of the product in which the control is used or retailer from where the product was bought.