Design Validation


At Spitfire Controls, no detail is too small if it has the potential to impact performance or quality. Spitfire conducts extensive testing to validate our design, durability and real world performance. We want our controls to experience their most rigorous and repetitive use in our labs so that we have complete confidence in their suitability for the end market.

Spitfire uses advanced equipment to test our designs for efficiency, safety and functionality. We use test chambers to push our controls in extreme conditions, ensuring they will withstand even the heaviest use in their application. We use surge testing to ensure they can survive heavy electronic interference from outside conditions and still function. Our controls are put through testing in a UL certified laboratory to qualify them as safe and useful products for consumers. The results of these thousands of hours of testing contribute to our collective knowledge of electronic controls. What we learn from heading off potential problems becomes part of our proactive design to ensure your consumers get the best performing and highest quality user interface possible.

Finally, we utilize a PPAP process for initial product production qualification to ensure designs are thoroughly evaluated prior to launching volume production.