Success Stories


What brings customers to Spitfire Controls and keeps them coming back?

We do what we say we can do: Provide solutions to problems they haven’t been able to solve either in-house or at our competitors. Here are few examples of these unique solutions.


Market Entry Support

Challenge: A manufacturer of consumer appliances wanted to enter a new foreign market.

Solution: Spitfire Controls’ team evaluated regulatory requirements and competitive products in that market.

Results: The team was able to modify the customer’s existing design to meet the market’s requirements at a price point below the leading competitor.


Cost Reduction

Challenge: A manufacturer of consumer blenders wanted a redesign with fewer parts.

Solution: Spitfire Controls’ team developed a single-board I/O solution.

Results: The new design reduced 11 moving parts down to 3 moving parts.


Failed Supplier

Challenge: An appliance manufacturer contracted product development of a control with a large scale European contractor. There were quality, design and cost issues that couldn’t be fixed.

Solution: Spitfire Controls’ team analyzed the existing control design and designed a new control that fixed all issues. The team also developed a documentation package and managed the agency approval process.

Results: The new control was successfully launched in six months.


Major Warranty Issue Resolution

Challenge: Resolve a very expensive field issue with a customer’s design of a side-by-side refrigerator freezer ice delivery system.

Solution: Spitfire Controls developed and patented a new ice door delay and solenoid control which solved the warranty problem and provided a significant cost reduction.

Results: The new product went across the board on this customer’s side-by-side product and performed flawlessly.